Secure the data, before it’s too late!

Business growth and expansion happens through great effort of many human resources in an entity. Resulting in impact on every human resource in an organization; beit on a personal and/or professional lateral. Be it the leader or the floor staff.

When we say “effort”, we are referring to their time invested, performance, productivity, ideas and innovation of employees; continuous learning and so on… the list isenormous.
Organizations have thoroughly shown involvement in electronic connectivity and abode their data in some form or the other electronically, enabling them to the outgrowth of well-organized work mechanism. Every business would depict their union data in form of reports, graphs, number; could also include updates on their stakeholders, suppliers, consumers, third-party etc.

In fact, this routine has reduced the storage and manipulation threat; not much in need of manpower to specifically work on stowing the enterprise data. All these data are in their computers. Secured with a username and password, is it really secured? How secured is it?

Every day we get to hear and read about computer hackers or crackers. They get an access to a particular database through an illegal method. Yes! It does impact on the business; there identity could be a threat, customer information could be misused, electronic communication between the stakeholders is accessible. Be it all, these could be at a standstill with cyber security in place.
Cyber security or let’s say it as computer security; Experts follow certain process, methods with the help of technology to safeguard company data, connectivity and structures. How extensively are cyber security methods followed by Indian SME’s?
Capital being most common challenge for Small and medium business enterprise. SME’s are most attracted by hackers due to short fall in investment towards cyber security.
However, some of the cyber secure methods we could follow.
Organization should follow a simple and easy technique of creating awareness about breach. Employee should identify a threat even before it has occurred, to happen so; entities and the staff should be well educated about the types and forms of threats. Some of them to mention: Transfer of data should be followed cautiously; practice of not transferring the company related information to an outside source be it your suppliers or vendors.

Installation of security software into organization network. In today’s market antiviruses offers protection against phishing attacks, spams, spywares, malwares etc. There are quite a few antiviruses available in markets which are pocket friendly for small businesses.
Secure with Cloud.

SME’s are integrating into cloud computing for their business. With use of network or servers as a platform for the company data is way more secured than the entity server. They provide customized service per the business need. With data being easy, anytime accessible and secured. Cost effective and pocket friendly is one of the key factors.

Follow the rule, drafting a well-defined company policy and procedure would help solve most of the cyber security threat.

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