SAP Jam – HR and Collaboration Solution for SMEs

Being a newbie in an organization might not be an easy experience for anyone.  Some of the common questions in any fresh employee’s mind are – when do I report to work? Does the company have a dress code? Are there any facilities available to employees?

Some of the questions could be goal oriented, like – What are my roles and responsibilities? Which region of business would I be supporting? How many employees would I lead?

The induction and onboarding techniques followed by an organization have a strong influence on ensuring long-term employee loyalty and accountability. The first day at work is one of the most important days in an employee’s career and it is important for an organization to ensure that new employees are made to feel welcome and valued.

Traditionally, employee induction programmes consist of a few hours to filling of forms, walking through the premises, guidance about eLearning trainings to be accomplished on company values, organization structure, health and safety at work, meeting new colleagues, awareness about facilities accessible and so on.

Over the years, these techniques have become monotonous and employees complete their mandatory online e-learning modules without really absorbing any knowledge from them. Many a times, the e-learning modules are outdated and employees learn the latest policies through word-of-mouth from colleagues, making the entire induction process a waste of time and effort.

These issues are now being addressed by SAP Jam which is a cloud-based enterprise collaboration tool which simplifies the hiring and onboarding process by making the process of induction a collaborative effort between existing employees and the freshers.

SAP Jam allows an enterprise to create a repository of FAQs, providing a series of questions and answers including area of concern and/or queries from previous new hires. It provides an active forum for employees to engage and work as a team in the onboarding activities. A simulated video on the relevant business helps the employee feel connected and accepted which in turn improves productivity as there’s no time wasted in attending training sessions or mechanically completing outdated e-learning modules.

SAP Jam also provides a pathway to connect with the experts from various departments as in Human resource, IT, HR, and Payroll. It allows the creation of a Mission – Vision statement” which will help in motivating an employee to perform better and also as a medium to appreciate the good work performed by the employees.

SAP Jam has an option of video and screen recordings. Every employee can create, share and view videos which could be recorded using a webcam or mobile.  Peers can add comments and send them to colleagues.
SAP Jam has a complete set of community tools, blogs, micro blogging, wikis, polls, social media and more, which allows an employee to share knowledge and express opinions on various topics. It helps in creating a huge knowledge repository which can be shared across the entire organization with minimum effort.

SAP Jam helps a small and medium enterprise immensely as it reduces the time and effort required for induction process. Repositories of knowledge and FAQs are created and stored for future employees. Since it is cloud-based, there is no need for a small company to invest in purchasing machines and software for the HR processes. SAP allows a monthly pricing model which reduces the need for capital expenditure and this is very beneficial to start-ups and SMEs.
Per latest data, SAP Jam subscribers, product released in fall of 2012, saw an increase from 20 million in mid of 2015 to 34 million subscribers as on Sep 2016; resulting in a 70% increase a year.



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