About Us


Over 40 million Sme’s employing over 100 million people across country! That is the power of the Indian SME sector! Things are changing for this sector with a slew of economic reforms & Industry schemes/initiatives. Still a lot needs to be done. One of the few important things a SME requires is access to information across categories like Finance, technology, HR, Sales & Marketing, Government schemes, Exports, events & so on. Indiansme.in aims to bring all these under one web platform ( We will be coming with an app soon). Along with this, we would also be capturing lot of stories of entrepreneurs, products, companies, events and so on. This, we believe will give the much needed impetus to the entrepreneurs who has a story to tell whether about his journey, unique products, impeccable customer service records or whatsoever which will serve as a inspiration to many others.

The whole ecosystem works with lot of support & innovations by the related service providers like technology providers, finance providers, HR providers, event organisers, trade bodies etc. We intend to focus on these service providers as well.

Indiansme.in is the brain child of a Bangalore based startup- CFRM( Corporate Finance & Risk Management) which helps SME’s raise finance easily & also provides efficient Asset/Liability Risk Management solutions.